Trump Rally by Curtis D Brown (originally published 12/15/16)

With what seems like the end to Obama Care I think that small and midcap indexes will benefit the most from this administration. These low marketcap companies can now save on employee health expenses and may apply the saving to other areas within their company which can ultimately improve the company’s earnings.

For the first time in history Americans are in unison on a president. The markets are enjoying the transition to the Trump Administration with all of the promises that he has offered no wonder why the world markets are on a uptrend.

I think the best thing for stock analyst is to pay attention to the President Elect Trump, and see if he uphold his words in relation to lower taxes, increase tariffs on outsourced American companies, and etc, and how will these actions effect companies financial statements. A lot of CEO’s are on the fence with Mr. Trump due to certain biases, but I like this Trump rally and I can see it continuing throughout his presidency.

These lower taxes as well as other administrative promises will create better earnings for companies as well as create more employment opportunities within the United States. I would keep running with the bulls, and once Mr. Trump gets sworn in as the President of The United States I would monitor the markets closely for the first quarter to see any effects that he has on the markets both domestic and international. You can get ahead by doing some stock evaluation with the promised tax rate and see some of the effects.

As for next week earnings I would say get a head start by looking at previous earnings reports and you should also view current consensus. If you have any spare time go to a few locations where the company products are offered and see if there products are selling.

-Curtis D Brown

Curtis D Brown owns a financial consulting business advising clients on all financial matters and positioning for economic changes.  With a degree in Psychology, he really emphasizes market sentiment.  As an accomplished football player and coach, he emphasizes a disciplined approach to trading.

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