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You’re about to learn the inside story behind trading expert Bill West and his incredible “Secret” for producing an astonishing 400% return over the past 15 months.

This “secret” has not only produced profits – ENORMOUS profits -- but it has also been remarkably consistent.

So consistent, in fact, that Bill has put together an astonishing 80% win rate in 2009! That’s right out of 25 trades this year, 20 were profitable. (The truth is, even the losers weren’t that bad, averaging only 7% per losing trade, when the winners were averaging over 20%!)

With an average holding period of just over 31 days, you are not in these positions long. By putting your money to work for you month after month, that is how Bill is able to rack up such tremendous gains.

My Name is Carl Adams, and in my ten-plus years in the publishing business, I have never seen an advisory service quite like this one. It’s called Fat Pitch ETF Advisory and its editor, Bill West, has an ability to consistently produce double-digit, short-term profits – IN ANY MARKET – that is truly amazing.

And to prove it to you I’m going to give you a 4-week TRIAL to Bill’s Service for only $4.95.

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If you’d like to learn more about the “secret” behind Bill’s success… please read on.

Consistent, double digit

Short-term profits

Bill West’s remarkable return is really just the beginning of the story. The truth is Bill has produced returns like this since he started. And not just ordinary returns…most of those winning trades have been DOUBLE-DIGIT Winners.

Investors who followed Bill West back in the beginning of this year with an initial investment of 10,000 – and then followed all of Bill’s trades – would have seen that investment grow to over $18,187. That’s an 81% return in just the first 7 months!

Bill’s track record for producing consistent profits is unlike any I’ve seen before. And what’s even more remarkable is that Bill and his successful group of followers have such remarkable success whether the market is up or down…

Double-digit profits

In the WORST of times

Here’s the perfect example of Bill’s consistency: The events of the 2009 financial crisis had a profound negative effect on the stock market. Stocks plummeted, we were on the edge of financial calamity…and many investors lost their fortunes.

But not Bill West. Bill and his subscribers shifted through the rubble and put together a remarkable 12 winning trades in a row for a gain of 270%.

And the profits continued well beyond March. After one loss in March, Bill followed it up with another 7 trade winning streak, averaging more than 18% gains per trade for a total return of 127%!

The remarkable “secret”

Behind Bill’s success…

Now…I know what you’re asking: How is it possible for Bill to “rake in” these kinds of returns while thousands of investors are getting clobbered? The answer is quite simple…and it has to do with the “secret” technique that Bill employs to produce his recommendations.

You see, according to Bill, markets can be traded in a systematic scientific approach and should be. That is how you keep your discipline in trading. You need to have predetermined set of rules that you have to follow. And you must adhere to those rules. Bill’s system puts those rules in a rigid algorithm and forces you to use those rules no matter what.

What Bill does is study Monthly and Weekly charts looking for possible set-ups. He then studies a Daily chart with a predefined set of rules to tell him what that price has to do to trigger a buy or a sell.

In the past year alone, Bill has used his methodology to produce short term gains of…

  • 68%, 35% and 47% on ETFs that most advisory services have never heard of…
  • Consistent double-digit returns on Exchange Traded Funds…
  • Single trade gains of 32%, 19%, 25% and 22% – all in a row and earned in as little as 16 days…
  • A cumulative return of more than 100% on financial ETFs…

Bills system enables him to help Fat Pitch ETF Advisory readers make tremendous profits other financial advisory services can only dream of.

Bill is not influenced by a particular allegiance to one side of the market. When Fat Pitch recommends a trade, you can be sure it is one Bill thinks has a high probability of succeeding, with good risk versus reward ratio.

His rationale is simple: If you’ve got to risk $300, but could make $1,000, that looks like it might turn out to be a pretty good trade. Before making any recommendations, Bill looks at the conditions, the key support and resistance and assesses at what price levels the professionals are going to be buyers and sellers.

I know what you may be thinking to yourself: “This sounds complicated.” Let me assure you, Bill’s trades are quite simple. Although system trading and technical analysis both have a tendency to intimidate people, Bill makes it easy. He tells you exactly what to do.

You see, each of the bulletins you’ll receive clearly states the setup of each trade. Every alert includes a detailed price range to buy in and where to place your stops. Bill also issues alerts advising you when to sell, so you are never left in the dark. Plus, the market commentary backs up every recommendation in language even a child could understand.

It simply doesn’t matter what the market is doing. With Fat Pitch ETF Advisory’s patient method of striking, there’s always an opportunity.

These types of profits

Are not uncommon

Ok, then…now that you know a bit about how Bill identifies the profit opportunities for his Fat Pitch ETF Advisory, just how to you take advantage?

The truth is, you have to be ready to move on Bill’s trades. It could take two weeks to hit a target price or it could take two months. But the results are almost always worth it.

Here’s a recent real world example: Between March 31 and April 1, Bill recommended 5 trades. 4 were closed within one month and one was held for 3 months. The average return was 23% and the total gain as 116%.

These gains are not potluck, and are not flukes. They are the product of countless hours of hard work. Bill has drwn on over 30 years experience in trading and charting to come up with remarkably accurate – yet easy-to-use – system that produces amazing profits.

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Carl Adams, Publisher

Fat Pitch ETF Advisory

Tax Deduction Reminder:

Your subscription may be tax deductible as an investment expense. You may email us at info@stockbarometer.com if you have any questions.


Before trading, consider consulting a Financial Advisor.

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Oil Seasonality

In December, our trader Damon Verial nailed the sell off – here’s his article:

I don’t use the ADX line much in individual trades but I do use it often for predicting market corrections and crashes. When the ADX line (the black line below) falls below both the directional lines (green and red), it implies that an upward trend has come to an end. A red directional line spiking also shows a potential market correction or crash. Look at how the line acted in August and compare it to today:

Visit www.stockbarometer.com to subscribe for only $1 and see the images.

I am not outright predicting a crash, but I do want you to be forewarned. A bear market might be on the way. Review our bear market portfolio below and ensure you are holding onto all the positions that mesh with your trading strategy:

Visit www.stockbarometer.com to subscribe for only $1 and see the images.

Our Bear Market Portfolio:

Visit www.stockbarometer.com to subscribe for only $1 and see Damon’s portfolio.

As 2015 winds down, this view of oil seasonality suggests a bounce is imminent.  Visit www.stockbarometer.com to find out the best way to trade it.

Oil Seasonality

Visit www.stockbarometer.com to access all our research and try the Daily Stock Barometer – 4 weeks for only $1. 

Tim Investor Tim Group Market Sentiment


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If you would like to subscribe to any of Damon’s services, click any of the links below.  Note, the discount code gets you 4 weeks for only $1.  You can subscribe to try ALL services once. 

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Market Summary

Don’t get excited about the bullish reversal we saw last week. Below you see the Bullish Percentage Index. The pattern we are seeing us much like that in July, slightly after the birth of the bear market. Perhaps this time is a real bullish reversal, but I would hold off buying stock at the moment.

Damon Verial Stock Options

Market Outlook

The Momentum Factor ETF (MTUM) gives us insight into the performance of stocks with high upward momentum. Clearly, the trend not upward but sideways or possibly downward. The moving averages have separated, the short-term line falling below. Also, the pattern here is much different from that of early July. In comparison, this current pattern seems to predict a lagging upward momentum in the market.

Damon Verial Stock Options

Volatility has started to even out after a spike. This does not mean that people are gaining more confidence in the market. It mealy means that the market does not appear as chaotic now as it did in late August. Volatility is still high relative to our recent bull market. Still, at any time, volatility can spike to its high levels last month. In the market, we often see spontaneous spikes in volatility followed by more spontaneous spikes in volatility, implying that they are dependent. That is, a spike in volatility is now more likely as a result of our past spike in volatility.

Damon Verial's Stock Options

Options-based Market Analysis

Here we see the put/call ratio for index options. Clearly, the bias is toward puts. This bias is becoming stronger as more professional traders hedge against downside risk – i.e., a market crash, correction, or lasting bear market.

Damon Verial's Stock Options

The put/call ratio on equities, characteristically under 1.0, representing a general bullish bias of non-professional traders, is now starting to head toward 1.0. This means that even the average-Joe options trader is taking on a bearish viewpoint:

Damon Verial's Stock Options

Aggregating these two charts will give us a broader view of the put/call ratio. It can show us whether the professional investors’ bearish tilt overpowers the non-professionals’ bullish tilt. We see a clear preference for put options, a phenomenon that began in early August and is only fiercer today:

Damon Verial's Stock Options

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Stock Options $37.95 Damon Verial’s Stock Options DVSO1
Stock Market Update Sent Tuesday, September 8, 2015 View as plaintext
Good morning Traders,
This week we are featuring a report from Damon Verial – our Gap Trader discussing how he uses gaps to read the stock market.  Try Damon’s service for only $1 for 1 month by clicking the links below and using the Discount Code listed.

Market Outlook: What the Gaps Are Telling Us

I watch gaps every day for trading opportunities. I can play up gaps or down gaps. Typically, I play them 50/50 up-down. But last Friday we saw 565 stocks gap down, whereas only 4 stocks gapped up (not counting inverse ETFs).
Rarely do I care about the market as a whole when trading gaps, but the 565:4 ratio in down gaps to up gaps is pessimistic for the market as a whole. The divergence between these numbers were so strong that I’m looking at the market itself to see if a possible gap play exists on the SPY or QQQ.
However, I have not seen a playable gap in the past week on the market as a whole. Though I could have told you two weeks ago, upon witnessing the first down gap in the SPX that 2035 would have been a good value to short:
Damon Verial
But just looking at this chart, I can see another common pattern – one that goes hand-in-hand with gaps: the evening star. This is a very bearish pattern, as it represents a failed attempt at investors trying to “buy the dip.” It’s likely the market will fall on Tuesday.
Damon Verial
Then there’s the Chaikin oscillator, which has recently become one of my favorite indicators. It’s hard to understand because it’s much like a derivative of a derivative in calculus: It’s an indicator of an indicator of an indicator. But for the most part, it gives you an idea of the future of money flow into the market. In this case, we see resistance at the break-even point of 0, and the line is beginning another decent. Investors are likely to be pulling more money out of the market next week. I myself recently wrote some QQQ call options.



 Damon Verial

Looking at individual gaps, I find many that are of interest. Let’s start with some ETFs before looking at individual stocks. I’ll offer some trading strategies for each.

Japan Hedged Equity ETF (DXJ)

This is a “hedged” fund in that it claims not to suffer from a falling exchange rate of the Yen to Dollar. So far, it has held true to this claim, climbing while the Yen has fallen. However, recently, it took a huge dive.



 Damon Verial

I often watch the DXJ because it’s what I call a “gappy” stock. I shows gaps nearly every day. But Friday’s gap was remarkable in that it took us out of the “up area filling” pattern. That is, we have a new breakaway signal. However, because the gap was not accompanied with a large volume nor did it take us to a new low, this is not a gap to worry about. In fact, this gap is quite playable.



 Damon Verial

I predict a fall in the price of DXJ for the first couple days of the week, followed by a bullish reversal. This ETF is worth buying at the current low. After all, the portfolio of DXJ is mainly composed of value stocks, giving it a solid fundamental basis. Taken as a market statement, the Japanese market, while at a low, is positioned to bounce back, if only slightly. Set your sell limit order at $50.61.

India Earnings Fund (EPI)

India’s market looks similar to that of Japan’s on the chart.



 Damon Verial

It’s pretty much the same play. Just realize that neither DXJ nor EPI are good investments. Play the gaps and you shall prevail; invest at this moment and you might find yourself tripping on your own feet. My advice would be to instead find a stock within the Japanese or Indian market with a similar gap and strong fundamentals; play that stock instead of the market as a whole.

Cooper (COO)

As for individual stocks, let’s start with COO. It’s now at a new low, despite the huge white candlestick the day of its gap:



 Damon Verial

The volume on the day of the gap is large enough to allow us to suspect that the gap is a breakaway or continuation gap; that is, that the stock will continue falling. With the white candlestick, we might actually be at a relative high, giving us a strong short opportunity. I predict COO to continue to fall. Short this stock or buy a put if you’re willing to take the risk. Otherwise, wait until you see a candlestick pattern that shows a weak bull pattern followed by a strong bear pattern, such as the falling three candlestick pattern:



 Damon Verial

If you see such a pattern, we are nearly 90% sure that we are on a downward continuation gap and can safely play puts on the stock. Because we are at a new low, we have no support in sight, so I have no way of predicting how big your ROI will be – just that it should be big if you buy ITM put options.
India’s market looks similar to that of Japan’s on the chart. It’s pretty much the same play. Just realize that neither DXJ nor EPI are good investments. Play the gaps and you shall prevail; invest at this moment and you might find yourself tripping on your own feet. My advice would be to instead find a stock within the Japanese or Indian market with a similar gap and strong fundamentals; play that stock instead of the market as a whole.

Esterline Tech (ESL)

Next is Esterline Tech, which provides products to the US military and industrial complex. This stock has dropped with a breakaway gap.



 Damon Verial

This looks like a pretty safe bear play based on its volume, its new low, and its history for having big breakaway gaps. Your best bet for this play is to wait for money to see if we are in the same region. I predict a matching low, at which point we can be very confident that we are in the beginning of a downward trend. Then it’s your chance to short (or buy put options). I might get in on this one myself.
To follow along with these trades, click any of the links below and use Discount Code PGS1 to get your first month for only $1:
Carl Adams, Publisher

Click here for our Gap Trading course:

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TIM Indicator

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Damon Verial

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Bond Seasonality

Here is our 2015 seasonality and cycle update.  To access our research, visit www.stockbarometer.com and subscribe to the Daily Stock Barometer.

seasonality and cycles


Gold Trading Signal

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Cumulative Tick Index

Equity Fund Money Flow

To learn more about equity fund money flow, and get regular updates, visit www.stockbarometer.com

Good morning Traders,
Sorry for the lack of an update last week, we’ve been busy behind the scenes here with some important changes that we’ll be rolling out this summer.  That being said, the market continues its wider consolidation since the 3/2 top.  In the interim, our Price Gap Stock Trader service has produced even more gains.  We’ll have the performance update below. 
But for now, this weekend we took a seasonal view of the financial markets.  Here’s that article:
A Seasonal View4/19/2015 10:15:58 AM
Good morning Traders,
With Friday’s weakness, a down-trending consolidation is in place.  The consolidation makes it difficult to leverage at trade in the rapid 1-2 day short term moves, but at some point, the market will break in one direction or the other out of the consolidation.  So we have to be prepared to act on that break.
That being said, let’s take a seasonal look at our key vehicles:
qqq seasonality
While I pointed the arrow lower, there’s a high likelihood of a continuation of the advance.  There hasn’t been more than one day of follow through on these large one day down moves in some time.
bond seasonality
Bonds are the key, but they’d have to move back and retest highs if the stock market is going to remain weak.
dollar seasonality
I’m still leaning towards the dollar consolidating the very large recent move higher.  That will help other assets.
gold seasonality
But gold is done – the move should continue lower for a long time…
uso seasonality
Oil on the other hand, has significant potential.  It’s not always driven by production and storage levels.
natural gas seasonality
Nat Gas is relatively new for us, so we’re still looking at underlying trading patterns in the derivatives to draw more conclusive trading.  We look at about 10 variables of trading these commodities for correlative approaches to trading.  We’re not rushing it.  But we’ll periodically test our findings with trades when the opportunities arise. 
Putting it all together, the stock market could break here, but the consolidation that started with the 3/2 peak is continuing and behaves pretty normal.  I’d expect a day of weakness and a pause then another push higher to bring this 5 year rally to a more significant end…
Turning our focus back towards our Stock Trading Advice, here’s Damon’s performance Update – with a special offer to get our LPPL Report free – this report will govern the markets downturn when this 6 year bull market finally breaks. 
to Damon Verial’s Price Gap Stock Trader for only $1 and if you sign up this week, you’ll get our LPPL Report at no extra cost.  Use Discount Code PGS1 when signing up.
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Performance Report4/6/2015 9:33:38 PM

Let’s start with the most important facts:

Average return on all trades: 3%
Average win-to-loss ratio: 11:8
Average annual percent return: 139%
Average trade duration: 26.6 days
Average win: 8.2%
Average loss: 4%
Profit-to-loss ratio: 21:10
Below are the facts for each trade:
And a chart:
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Our 3 best trades:

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Our gap trading portfolio beat the S&P500, allowing us to profit while the market is down overall. The key was identifying two types of gaps and profiting on them. Our area gaps helped is bring is small but reliable profits, while breakaway gaps allowed us to reap huge profits:
Area Gaps: Closed quickly for small but reliable profits
Breakaway Gaps: Riskier but allows normal stock to act like penny stock, growing quickly within a short time.
You would make more money by blindly investing in my gap trades without closing on time as well. Stocks with breakaway gaps outperform the market as a whole. Our results are the result of unique forecasting abilities that I have outlined several times: Candlesticks + Gaps + Technicals = Accurate Prediction
This month, we witnessed our best gap trade yet in EYES, giving us a 23% profit in only 2 weeks. Had you bought call options, you could have made an even higher ROI. A $100 call option, or example, would be worth almost $400 at the time of our close. My goal for April – a time that is seeing some hesitation in the market – is to play more short-term area gaps, which tend to be more reliable in a bear market. If you have any suggestions for this service, please let me know.
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to Damon Verial’s Price Gap Stock Trader for only $1 and if you sign up this week, you’ll get our LPPL Report at no extra cost.  Use Discount Code PGS1 when signing up.
Carl Adams, Publisher
PS – Sign up today and get our popular LPPL Report that will show you how this bull market will end.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP  and don’t forget to USE DISCOUNT CODE PGS1 when signing up.

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